We honored the past and celebrated the future with a special service recognizing the Lord's leadership in renovating and expanding our campus in the morning worship service, February 15, 2015. The construction of Phase 1 began Monday, February 16, 2015! Check back often for updates.  Added July 19, 2015 - Peek at the Fellowship Hall Renovation

  • Congregation regroups in the former sanctuary for a recognition service.

  • Hard hats and hammers provided by Lowes!

  • More than 300 baptisms to the glory of the Lord in the old baptistry!

  • Yes, this building has seen great days and many more to come!

  • Bro. Chad guides us through the recognition service.

  • Our illustrious building committee... :-)

  • The building committee gave a measuring tape to the children attending as a momento.

  • The choir sang 'Triumphantly, The Church Will Rise' to many a teary eye!

  • Charter members in attendance...

  • Bro Chad, Lori and Clark with Ms Charlotte Grimes

  • Forward in Faith Building Plan

  • Representing the Trustees, Charter Members, Deacons, Church Council & Staff...

  • Looks like Bro. Chad was ready to get started.

  • Ms. Lori says, 'O Yeah, let's get this show on the road!

  • And the church staff is ready too

  • Yeah, the staff is very excited to start the renovations... :-)