May, 2021

Principal Function

To provide administrative assistance and clerical support to the church and its staff in the work of the gospel ministry. This includes an active role in the administration and accounting of the stewardship of the church.



1.       Answer the phone and receive visitors to the church office, attempting to address their needs in an efficient but understanding fashion.

2.       Manage the clerical operations of the church office, seeing to the maintenance of all office equipment, ordering office supplies and other ministry materials, and coordinating the work of other administrative support staff.

3.       Design, prepare and mail the church newsletter.

4.       Maintain accurate database records of the church membership (with the help of the Church Clerk) and all pertinent information pertaining thereto, i.e. current address, birthday, etc., as well as all other databases deemed necessary for ministry purposes.

5.       Provide reasonable administrative assistance to the committees and officers of the church.

6.       Assist and support the ministerial staff in the administration of their duties in every reasonable manner. These duties include but are not limited to the following:

a.       Sorting and delivering mail received.

b.      Preparation of personal correspondence or other bulk mailings

c.       Preparation of worship bulletins and other written materials for church services and ministries.

7.       Maintain records of contributions to the church and provide contributors with no less than an annual report of their giving.

8.       Diligently preserve the unity of the church by maintaining the utmost confidentially of all contributions, conversations, and ministry needs of individuals in the church.

9.       Process the weekly disbursement of church funds.

10.   Process the payroll disbursements and all tax-related arrangement pertaining thereto.

11.   Maintain accurate records of Stewardship Committee meetings and other decisions and policies related to the financial affairs of the church.

12.   Prepare the monthly financial statements for availability to the church and quarterly financial statements for presentation at the business meetings.

13.   Coordinate and maintain all financial records for the WEP.

14.   Provide and maintain payroll disbursements for the WEP.

15.   Preform all other duties as assigned by the Pastor and/or the Human Resource Committee.



The classification for the person serving in this position shall be an EXEMPT, PART-TIME EMPLOYEE (32 hours/week), and a member of the SUPPORT STAFF.