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Wednesday night, December 8th, 1954, was actually the beginning of Valley View Baptist Church.  That night a small bank of fifty-two Christians became members by letter of the First Baptist Church of Leeds.  There they sought spiritual shelter, strength, and guidance while they set about to build a church building.  More than anything else they had faith that they would be able to build a church building to be used for God's Glory.  Property had to be secured and a loan had to be made in order that the building might be started.

On January 2nd, 1955, this group, with the exception of Rev. and Mrs. Gordon Walker, who had gone to California to Seminary, met at the First Baptist Church in Leeds with Rev. T.L. Collins, Rev. Oley Kidd, and Rev. T.C. Waldon for the purpose of formally constituting themselves as a church.  At this meeting, the church was named, the Constitution and By Laws were adopted, the officers were elected, one additional deacon was elected to serve with the four ordained deacons in the group, and other business concerning the organizing of the church was carried out.

For the next several months this group attended the Sunday Services at the First Baptist Church, but met on Wednesday nights in the homes of members for prayer service and any business that was necessary.

After the property was secured in a providential way, the men of Valley View began to excavate and dig foundations.  They worked at night by lanterns after getting home from their regular jobs, but they were not discouraged by the cold and rainy weather.

Late winter and early spring found them completing the concrete block walls and beginning to raise the rafters of the Educational Building.  By August of 1955, the roof of the Educational Building was completed.

On August 5th, Rev. and Mrs. Walker returned from California for a visit.  The Valley View group asked him to conduct a revival meeting on August 14th through August 24th, to which he consented.

The time had come when the group felt that they should leave the First Baptist Church and begin services of their own, so the small church requested their letters from the "Mother Church" on August 10th and started services at Valley View.

After a successful revival during which a number of people were added to the church, Bro. Gordon Walker was then called as Pastor.  After much prayer and deliberation, he and his wife decided to postpone going back to school and remain to pastor the church.

The building progressed rapidly, and soon the rafters on the auditorium were raised.  Cold weather arrived before the windows, doors, and heating facilities were installed in the Educational Building where the services were held with members often equipped with blankets to keep warm.  Soon, however, the building was finished on the inside and the services continued unhampered.

As the interior of the Educational Building was finished, the brick work on the outside was beginning.  Thirty thousand bricks were laid by a brick mason church member, and other members who helped him.  Prodigious amounts of work were turned out by small groups of men as they worked night after night and on Saturdays.  With the exception of a very few technical jobs requiring especially trained craftsmen, the entire church was built by free labor from Valley View members and friends of the church.

On June 24th, 1956, a year and one half from the time that it was begun, the Valley View Baptist Church Building stood ready for Dedication- a monument to the power of God in the lives of dedicated people.

In September of 1956, Rev. Waler resigned as Pastor to continue his studies at Seminary.  Perhaps more than one person, Rev. Walker is responsible for Valley View Baptist Church becoming a reality.  His deep faith and spiritual leadership inspired others.  Even when he was away at Seminary when the building was beginning, his letters and prayers were a constant source of encouragement.

For the next few months, Dr. Arthur Walker of Howard College served as interim pastor.

Rev. Jerry Smith, at that time a student at Howard College, was called as Pastor on December 5th, 1957.  The church continued to grow under his leadership, but in September of 1958, he too, resigned to enter Seminary.  At this time, the membership totaled 82, Sunday School enrollment was 103, and Training Union enrollment was 79.  The income of the church for the year was $8,158.

On October 8th, 1958, Rev. Tom Cleveland, a student at Howard College, was called as Pastor.

The Lord continued to bless Valley View in a very special way.  Additional members continued to be received, improvements continued to be made to the building, and necessary equipment was still being bought.


In July of 1961, at a called business meeting, the church voted to build an additional two story educational unit.  The church was growing in all phases, and if the Lord continued to bless Valley View with new members, space would have to be provided for them.  A building committee was elected and work was begun.

The building progressed rapidly.  Some of the work on this building was done by outside labor, but faithful members continued to work in order that it might be completed at minimum cost.

On September 9th, 1962, Valley View Baptist Church had completed another milestone so far as buildings were concerned.  At the morning worship service the two story educational building was dedicated to the Glory of God.

Too, this day marked the end of the tenure of Rev. Tom Cleveland.  He was leaving to enter the Seminary at Louisville, Kentucky.  Valley View had grown much in numbers and in sprit under the leadership of Brother Tom.  He, too, would be remembered as one dedicated to the service of the Lord and Valley View Baptist Church.

The church membership at this time had reached 208, Sunday School enrollment was 256, and Training Union enrollment was 98.  The total income for the past year was $16,500.

Rev. Leon Boyd was elected to serve as interim Pastor while the Pulpit Committee assumed the task of seeking a pastor for the church.

With the arrival of a full time pastor, the members knew that a pastorium would have to be built.  A committee for the purpose of selecting a location and plans was elected.  The church voted to accept the recommendation of this committee, and soon the building was begun on the church property.

On February 10th, 1963, after much prayer and deliberation, the Pulpit Committee presented Rev. Arnold L. Norsworthy to the church as Pastor.  At this time, Rev. Norsworthy was serving as Pastor of the First Baptist Church, Good Pine, Louisiana.  Rev. Norsworthy was elected unanimously to become Pastor of Valley View if he felt that the Lord was leading him here.  On March 1st, 1963, he and his wife, Norma, and daughter, Jan arrived in Leeds to begin work at Valley View.

The work on the pastorium continued.  It was completed on October 15th, 1963.  An Open House was held on November 24th, 1963.  Again, with the help of the Lord, Valley View Baptist Church had completed a building that would be used for His service.

On January 2nd, 1965, ten years from the day 52 Christians met to organize Valley View Baptist Church, the Tenth Anniversary was observed.  On Saturday Evening, January 2, a dinner was held at the church, and following the dinner former Pastor Tom Cleveland spoke.  On Sunday morning, January 3rd, former Pastor Gordon Walker delivered the sermon at the morning worship service, and on Sunday evening, Rev. T.L. Collins, who was a great help in organizing Valley View, delivered the message.

At the end of 1965, church members numbered 298, with a Sunday School enrollment of 324, and a Training Union enrollment of 193.

During the years of 1966-1968, each phase of the work continued to grow.

During 1966, while looking to the future, three lots behind the church were purchased to be used for a parking area.

In May of 1967, the Church voted to build a three floor educational building.  Work was started shortly, and in April of 1968, the first two floors were completed and furnished.  They are now being used as the Nursery, Preschool, and Youth Department.  The third floor would be completed when additional space was needed.

On December 30th, 1968, Rev. Norsworthy resigned to become pastor of Pearson Street Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi.  He was truly a blessing to Valley View and its members.  His complete dedication to Christian Service has made this church more aware of its spiritual obligation, and his faith and leadership has shown Valley View the way to grow in spirit as well as number.

Once more a Pulpit Committee started work, and after much prayer and consideration, Rev. Samuel D. Hollis, Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church, Pell City, Alabama, was called to serve as Pastor.  On July 1st, 1969, Rev. Hollis and his wife, Mary, and son, Paul David, began work at Valley View.

In July of 1969, the church voted to buy an additional parcel of land to be used in the future.

In September of 1969, the Valley View Baptist Church Kindergarten was opened to provide academic learning and spiritual guidance for pre-schoolers. The Kindergarten grew to four teachers with an enrollment of sixty-seven.


In August of 1971, a call was extended to Bill Strickland to fill the position of Minister of Music and Youth.  Bill and his wife, Nina, began this ministry on August 29th, 1971.  The music ministry continued to make strides in carrying out its goals.  These goals are 1) To provide and encourage worship, and lead in exercises conducive to worship. 2) To encourage witnessing in an effort to win the lost. 3) To utilize the energies of the membership in an attempt to mature mentally and spiritually. 4) To provide for musical growth through teaching and training programs.

The Music Ministry (three choirs with an active enrollment of ninety-four) saw the largest growth in the Youth Division.  The Youth Choir was re-organized in June and named the New Day Singers.  It now has an enrollment of fifty-one.  The Singers carried their ministry to the people with four performances at points throughout our area.

New equipment valued at more than $6000 was purchased that year.  It included a Hammond organ, a Sony tape recorder, and a public address system.

Bill and Nina have not only been a real blessing to those engaged in the music and youth programs, but have been an inspiration to the entire church membership.

A bus was purchased in August, 1971, for various church and youth activities.  A Bus Ministry was begun on June 8th, 1972, following the annual Vacation Bible School.  In April of 1973, a second bus was purchased.  An average of forty ride the buses weekly to Sunday School.

The Library has become an important part of the church ministry.  The Library now has approximately 350 books, 200 study course books, 40 reference and teacher books, 42 filmstrips, a movie projector, filmstrip projector, and a show-and-tell projector.

In December of 1973, the church voted to remodel the auditorium.  The remodeling would consist of the installation of a new ceiling and light fixtures, refinishing the walls, enlarging the choir loft, and laying carpet.

     The church now has nine active Deacons who serve on a three-year rotating system.  The church office is open each morning Monday through Friday, and a newsletter is published monthly.

Also, in 1973, the church called Steve Byrd as Bus Minister.  Steve was a single student at Samford University.  In October, the church voted to begin a Children's Church.  David Maxey was selected as the leader of the new Children's Church.

Rev. Hollis and his family have also been a real blessing to Valley View.  During the past four and one-half years, the church had continued to grow under the guidance and leadership of Brother Sam.  At the end of 1973, church membership numbers 476 with 399 enrolled in Sunday School and 132 enrolled in Training Union.  The budget for 1973 through 1974 is $55,500.04.

In 1976, Bro. Hollis resigned to take a position at a sister Baptist Church.  The church is very appreciative of his ministry here.  The church grew considerably during his tenure.  The membership then stood at 487, Sunday School enrollment is 292 with an average attendance of 182 for the year 1976.  The budget receipts for 1976 were $59,500, and the church received into membership 22 during the year 1976.

In February of 1977, the church called Rev. Jerry Lee Wilkins as Pastor.  Rev. Wilkins comes to Valley View from Memphis, Tennessee along with his wife, Carole and two children, David and Kimberly Joy.  Bro. Jerry has a B.A. Degree in Business Administration from Samford University and has received the Master of Divinity Degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is a native of Alabama and has pastored churches in Alabama, Texas, and Tennessee.

In late 1977, Bill Strickland resigned as part time Minister of Music and Youth to accept a position at Philadelphia Baptist Church.  Soon after, the church voted to seek the second full-time staff minister to fill this need.  In a short time, John Clark, a graduate of Samford University was called as full-time Minister of Music and Youth.  John came with his wife Gina and both became greatly appreciated by the Valley View family.

The Church grew during the year with 71 new members as the membership rose to 536.  The Sunday School had reached an enrollment of 394 and averaged 194 in 1977.  The budget receipts for 1977 were $68,750, and the average weekly offerings were $1,322.

In 1978, the church continued to grow.  The church voted to complete the third floor of the East Building; a loan was secured through the Birmingham Baptist Association for approximately $10,000.

Rev. Wilkins became the Associational Sunday School Director and worked in the association with the other 131 Sunday Schools of the Birmingham churches.

The church committed itself to Bold Mission Thrust, an emphasis of the Southern Baptist Convention to reach the entire world with the gospel by the year 2000.  In the Sprit of Bold Missions, Valley View participated in "Good News Alabama" and allowed the pastor to teach Church Growth Conferences in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida over a period of two years.

The church voted to begin Sunday School classes wherever and whenever possible in the spirit of Bold Missions.  Classes started on Wednesdays at 10:30am for the Kindergarden mothers, one for preschoolers (birth to three), one in Sunset Apartments, and one for Senior Citizens in the Leeds Civic Center on Thursdays.

In October of 1978, Brother John and Gina left to enter Southwestern Seminary.  In December, the church called Sam Neugent as Minister of Music and Youth.  Bro. Sam has a Bachelor of Music Education Degree from Samford University.  He came to us from Ridgecrest Baptist Church of Birmingham.  He came with his wife, Sheila, and son, Chris.  During the next year the choir program grew to include twelve choirs, ensembles, and groups.  Discipleship classes have been started for the youth.

As 1978 came to a close, the church had forty-nine new members come into the fellowship, raising the total membership to 578.  Sunday School has climbed to 445 enrolled and 227 average attendance for the year.  The 1978 budget receipts were $85,693 with an average weekly offering of $1,648.

In 1979, the church continued to grow.  The Church Family continued to seek ways to become more involved in Bold Mission Thrust, the Southern Baptist effort to share the gospel with everyone on Earth by the year 2000.  A Bold Missions Task Force was formed of twenty laypersons that began to meet on Sundays to plan the strategy.

In April of 1979, the church began an 8:30 am Worship Service in order to accommodate the increasing attendance in Worship.  During the year, the church cleared the remaining back lot of trees and made additional parking available.  The church voted to begin the Long Range Planning process as a prelude to any additional buildings now needed.  Sunday School was growing to near capacity and classes were continuing outside the church in various places on weekdays.  This was an effort to reach lost people who did not attend on Sunday, but who might come to this type of class.  This effort was part of Valley View's response to Bold Mission Thrust.

During 1979, the Brotherhood and Women's Missionary Union were re-organized and began to grow.  The Music Program, under the direction of Bro. Sam, grew from three to twelve groups.  Classes were started for training in voice, violin, and guitar.  The youth program continued to be one of the finest in the city and during the year included a Spiritual Retreat to Titusville, Florida.

During the year, Bro. Steve Byrd resigned as Bus Minister in order to go to Seminary and further his training for ministry.  The church then called Rev. Gene Wyatt as Minister of Children's Ministries to carry on this vital outreach ministry.  The church purchased a newer bus for use in the Bus Ministry and for long youth trips.  Bro. Gene came to us with his wife, Judy, and twins, Matthew and Daniel.

At the close of 1979, the church now had 630 members after a record year of 95 additions.  The record 1979 budget of $108,644 was reached.  Sunday School enrollment now stands at 713 and average attendance for the year was 298.  The church was recognized at the Annual Birmingham Associational Meeting for (1) highest percentage enrollment increase and (2) highest percentage attendance increase in Sunday School over the Association's 131 Churches.  This marked a new era of growth for Valley View.  With two morning services on Sunday, the Sunday night attendance was now reaching capacity.  The Long Range Planning Committee continued to work, and a New Building Steering Committee was formed to carry out whatever recommendations come to the church from the Long Range Planning Committee.


On June 22, 1980, the church celebrated its 25th Anniversary, praising the Lord for the grand history of this great church.  During the first half of 1980, the church continued to grow at a record pace.  God was indeed doing great work.  During the first six months of 1980, sixty-eight new members came into fellowship, bringing the membership to 681.  The Sunday School enrollment now stood at 828 and the average Sunday School attendance for May 1980 was 377.  The record budget of $127,599 was being exceeded by hundreds of dollars per week as the church prepared to add space and increase its outreach ministry. 

One week before the 25th Anniversary, the church began "Bold Missions- Leeds," as still another response to Bold Missions Thrust.  The effort was a product of the Bold Mission Task Force, and would use four special pamphlets in a door to door- cover the city strategy.  The church members were equipped with 7,000 specially designed pamphlets and the program would continue until every person in the Leeds area had been touched by the gospel.  The fellowship of Valley View praised God for His blessings and realized that the first twenty-five years was just the glorious beginning of an even more glorious future.

In January 1981, the Long Range Planning Committee presented plans for the future of Valley View.  Members elected to the Long Range Planning Committee were as follows: Tom Banks (chairman), Carl Grimes (vice chairman), Jan Battles, Jim Cockrell, Gene Crawford, Wanda Dimon, Hershell Lindsey, Fred Maxey, Sandra McGuire, Dennis McGee, Charles Morris, Pauline Street, Norman Wilkins, Hughes Wright, and Jerry Wilkins (pastor).

One of the recommendations of the Long Range Planning Committee was that a New Building Steering Committee be formed.  Members elected to the Building Steering Committee were as follows: Tommy Shaw (chairman), Hughes Wright (vice chairman), Lorna Banks, Jan Battles, John Fleming, Carl Grimes, Faye Hitt, Hershell Lindsey, Dennis McGee, Casey McClellan, and Alf Kavli (pastor).  This committee began work planning a building program.

At the close of 1981, the church now had 740 members.  Sunday School enrollment stood at 819, and average attendance for the year was 388.  The budget receipts were $136,007.

In January 1982, Alf Kavli came to be our pastor.  Evan Terry of Birmingham was selected as architect for the new building program.  The Steering Committee asked for permission from the church to scale down the size of the proposed auditorium as called for in the Long Range plans.  The Church agreed and the size of a 550 seat auditorium was agreed upon.  Fellowship Hall and offices were designed for the basement floor.  Final drawings and design were completed in December 1982, at a total cost of $700,000.

The Bond and Finance Steering Committee were formed for the purpose of recommending and executing the best way to finance the building program.  Members elected to this committee were: Fred Maxey (chairman), Tom Banks, Rachel Burson, Virginia Brasher, Gene Crawford, Eddie Freind, Carl Grimes, Don Kirk, George Martens, and Alf Kavli (pastor).

The services of Security Church Finance Company, Houston, Texas were retained and first mortgage bonds in the amount of $500,000 were issued starting on August 22, 1982.  Two pledge campaigns brought in almost $100,000 in pledge gifts, pledges to be completed in May 1984.

Bids for the building were opened on December 22, 1982, and Rives Construction Company, Birmingham, was awarded the job.

At the close of 1982, the church now had 708 members.  Sunday School enrollment stood at 819, and average attendance for the year was 308.  The budget receipts continued to grow.

A note-burning for past building debt and ground-breaking ceremonies for a new sanctuary were held April 17, 1983.  Actual construction began June 13th.  Church membership at close of 1983 stood at 700, Sunday School enrollment was 513, and general budget receipts were $169,000.

In July, the front sanctuary porch was removed, bulldozers came in and started taking down the hill.

In August, cement forms for the basement walls were erected.  The two inside walls were poured and blocks began going up to form the outside walls.

In September, the basement walls were completely up and steel was laid to support the sanctuary floor.

In 1983, the center beam was hoisted into place on November 7th.  It was impressive: 104' long, 68" high and 12" wide.  The other 18 cross beams were added a few days later.  Work inside the sanctuary continued at a steady pace during the early months of 1984.

During the first three months of 1984, eight new members have been added to the fellowship.  March saw the highest attendance in Sunday School in over a year and there was a renewed enthusiasm for reaching our city for Christ.

In March, Randy Wright was called as Minister of Music, joining Alf Kavli as pastor, Lynn Maxey as Minister of Youth, and Curry Harris as Minister of Children.

In October of 1984, Stanley Ray Golden was called as part-time Minister of Youth.

On Dedication Day of the new sanctuary, April 29, 1984, Valley View Baptist Church celebrated 29 years of wonderful history and growth.  God was doing a great work here and the membership praised Him for that.

A tape ministry was established to minister to the homebound, handicapped, and elderly in the area.  Two Sunday School extension classes were held each week ministering primarily to the retired and elderly in our community.

Valley View members and friends rallied to meet the financial needs of the building program and other ministries of the church.  Almost all of the pledges were met or exceeded, many sacrificially, and many who did not pledge also gave.

Valley View praises God for His blessings, realizing that a much more glorious future awaits this church because all are willing to allow God's Will to be our will.

At the close of 1984, the church had 711 members.  Sunday School enrollment now stood at 504 and average attendance for the year was 225.  The budget receipts were $253,952. 

In January of 1985, Mark Wayne Gallups was called to serve as Children's Minister.

In February of 1985, the church approved a personnel policy for paid staff members.  An endorsement was approved for Tim Childers' application for admission to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  He was ordained September 28, 1986.

In April of 1985, the church approved a motion to purchase food from United Way Community Food Bank at 10 cents per pound to help need families in the community.

In August of 1985, an endorsement was approved for Debbie Childers to pursue training at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

In November of 1985, Randy Latta was called as interim music director.  An endorsement was approved for Bill Davis for admission to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

At the close of 1985, the church now had 709 members.  Sunday School enrollment stood at 616, with an average attendance for the year of 181.  The budget receipts were $241,360.

In June of 1986, Alf Kavli resigned as pastor and Tom Cleveland was called as interim pastor.  In September of 1986, Charles Collins was called as interim Music Director.  And in October of 1986, Mark Stokes was called as pastor.

At the close of 1986, the church had 687 members.  Sunday School enrollment stood at 504 with an average attendance for the year of 150.  The budget receipts were $195,589.

In April of 1987, Neil Stephens was called as Minister of Music and Youth.  He was also ordained to the gospel ministry.

At the close of 1987, the church now had 681 members.  Sunday School enrollment stood at 359 with an average attendance for the year of 158.  The budget receipts were $229,220. 

In September of 1988, Mark Stokes resigned as pastor.  In November of 1988, Jim Minor was called as interim Music Minister.  In December of 1988, Ron Pendley was called as part-time Children's Minister.

At the close of 1988, the church membership stood at 668.  Sunday School enrollment was 303, and average attendance for the year was 145.  The budget receipts were $229,926.

In January of 1989, Don Graves was called as pastor.  In March of 1989, Ron Pendley was called as full-time interim Children's Minister.  And in May of  1989, David Steinberg was called as Music and Youth Minister.

In December of 1989, the first Deacon's Banquet began.  This banquet honors the widows in the church.  At the close of 1989, the church membership was 661.  Sunday School enrollment was 325 with an average attendance for the year of 132.  The budget receipts were $209,598.


In February of 1990, the church recommended Ron Pendley to Florida Theological Seminary.  He was ordained on March 18th.

In March of 1990, David Steinberg resigned as Minister of Music and Youth to accept a full-time position at Centercrest Baptist Church in Centerpoint.  In June of 1990, David Long was called as Minister of Music and Education.

Throughout 1990, repairs and enhancements were made to Building A and to the breezeways between buildings and parking areas.  There were several phases to complete this work as funds became available.

At the close of 1990, the church now had 719 members.  Sunday School enrollment stood at 335 and average attendance for the year was 141.  The budget receipts were $230,673.

In August of 1991, the deacons instituted a new position of "Deacon Emeritus" for older deacons who had served so faithfully but were currently unable to do so.  In September of 1991, a proposal was submitted to purchase property across the street from the church.

At the close of 1991, church membership stood at 739 members.  Sunday School enrollment was 397 and average attendance for the year was 159.  The budget receipts were $255,301.

In January of 1992, the church proceeded with phase 3 of the building maintenance projects at a cost of $7000.

In May of 1992, Barbie Arnold was called as part-time Children's Minister.  Adam Arnold was called as part-time Youth Minister.  Deacon qualifications were formed and in July of 1992, a proposal was made to establish a media library.  At the close of 1992, the church had a membership of 797 members.  Sunday School enrollment stood at 444 with an average attendance for the year of 203.  The budget receipts were $299,170.

In January of 1993, Tim Turner was called as part-time youth minister.  In April of 1993, Ron & Connie Pendley prepared to go into Home Mission work after Ron graduated.  They asked VVBC to be their sponsor for Home Missions.  It was required by the board to have a home church that will support them through prayers.

In May of 1993, construction of the lighted marquee sign in front of the church began.  Voluntary church labor and member contributions were used to complete construction of the sign.  In September of 1993, a recommendation was made that the church proceed with the purchase of the property across the street.

At the close of 1993, the church membership totaled 810 members.  Sunday School enrollment stood at 451 and average attendance for the year was 208.  The budget receipts were $319,571.

In August of 1994, David Duke was named the temporary Minister of Music.  At the close of 1994, the church now had 816 members.  Sunday School enrollment stood at 447 and average attendance for the year was 200.  The budget receipts were $312,846.

In January of 1995, Michael Jackson was called as Minister of Music and Eduacation.  In July of 1995, Don Graves and Michael Jackson resigned and established Living Hope Fellowship in Trussville.  A good number of Valley View families joined them in this new ministry.  Ricky Creech was asked to fill the pulpit through October of 1995.

In August of 1995, it was recommended by the deacons, that VVBC move forward and support a church self-study conducted by Ricky Creech, Associate Director of Missions for the Birmingham Baptist Association.  David Duke was hired as interim Music Minister.

At the close of 1995, the church membership was 727 members.  Sunday School enrollment stands at 285 with an average attendance for the year of 111.  The budget receipts were $300,913.

In 1996, Randy Tingle was called as Music Minister.  In April of 1996, Tommy Fuller was called as pastor.  In October of 1996, Daven Watkins was called as Minister to Youth.

In November of 1996, an ad-hoc committee for Long Range Planning was formed.  This committee was commissioned to identify ministry priorities and propose to the church ministry initiatives into the 21st century.  In addition to this, the committee studied the matter of how to best use the funds that would be available to the church later the next year, when the building debt was retired, and make recommendations to the church.  At the close of 1996, the church had 708 members, 274 enrolled in Sunday School, and an average attendance for the year at 117.  The budget receipts were $233,233.

In March of 1997, Daven Watkins was called as full-time Minister of Children & Youth.  Klint Kallies was called as part-time Minister of Music.  Also in March of 1997, a committee was formed to inquire into the purchase of the land and building across the street.  At the close of 1997, the church listed 732 members.  Sunday School enrollment stood at 296 and average attendance for the year was 150.  The budget receipts were $235,446.

In May of 1998, Brook Howard was called as Children's Minister.  The church approved a maximum expenditure of $60,000 for repairs to the sanctuary and adjacent roof.  In September of 1998, the church initiated a debt retirement campaign which included debt incurred in repairs of the sanctuary roof, the purchase of property and building across the street, and the purchase of a 15-passenger van.  At the close of 1998, the church recorded 744 members.  Sunday School enrollment was 469 with an average attendance for the year of 169.  The budget receipts were $174,980.

In April of 1999, David Duke was called as Minister of Music.  In May of 1999, the church purchased new Baptist Hymnals (1991 edition) at a cost of $2871.68.  In June of 1999, a proposal was brought before the church for an after school care ministry.  An ad-hoc committee was formed to study the feasibility of this request.

In August of 1999, VVBC became the host for Food Source.  In September of 1999, the new light covers were installed in the sanctuary.  In October of 1999, Cory Goode was called as Interim Minister of Music.  At the close of 1999, the church showed a membership of 654 members.  Sunday School enrollment stood at 345 with an average attendance for the year of 144.


In February of 2000, Tommy Fuller resigned as pastor to accept a teaching position at Beeson Divinity School of Samford University.  Dr. Bruce Pickell was called as interim pastor.  In June of 2000, Daven Watkins resigned as interim youth minister to accept the pastorate of First Baptist Church of Owenton, KY.  Bradley Baker was called as interim Minister of Youth.  At the close of 2000, there were 563 members on the church roll.  Sunday School enrollment showed 220 with an average attendance for the year of 118.  The budget receipts were $275,314.07

In February of 2000, Larry Ballard was called as pastor.  In June of 2001, Lucie Cardwell was called as part-time Music Director and David Duke was called as part-time Worship Leader.  In July of 2001, Cendy Beasley was called as Minister to Preschool & Children.  At the close of 2001, the church now had 519 members.  Sunday School enrollment stood at 272, and average attendance for the year was 139.  The budget receipts were $302,862.41.

April 21, 2002, the Deacon Body recommended that Valley View Baptist Church form a Weekday Education Program, which would include a Kindergarten Program and a Mother's-Day-Out Program.  On May 1, 2002, the Church called Lisa Smith to fill the newly created position of Weekday Education Program Director.  Then on May 8, 2002, a motion was made and approved to extend the Weekday Education Program to offer before and after school care.  Also in May of 2002, the Community Care Center became the new Youth & Family Life Center.

In July of 2002, Johnny Walker was called as Interim Youth Minister.  The church voted to secure a loan of $45,000 to cover the cost of renovations of Building A (children's building).  In August of 2002, the Weekday Education Program officially began.  At the close of 2002, the church membership stood at 517 members.  Sunday School enrollment was listed at 275 with an average attendance for the year of 128.  The budget receipts were $318,069.

In February 2003, the Weekday Education Committee approved offering Mother's-Day-Out during the summer.  In March of 2003, the church voted to enclose the carport of the pastorium providing a spacious bedroom with a large closet plus a handicap accessable bathroom.  Also in May of 2003, the Church approved offering after-school care for Leeds Elementary Students who previously attended Valley View Baptist Kindergarden.  At the close of 2003, the church had on roll 525 members, 250 in Sunday School, and average attendance for the year of 112.  The budget receipts were $365,834.83.

In January of 2004, Fred Maxey, John Fleming, Jessie Reynolds, and Bud DeShazo were honored as Deacon Emeritus.  Also in 2004 a "Celebrate Your Church" emphasis began.  A Vision Team of 36 members was formed consisting of a wide range of ages.  Their purpose was to look at the past, present, and future of VVBC.  They would come back in 6-8 months with a recommended proposal for the church to consider.  In May of 2004, the Weekday Education Program began offering full-time summer care.

In August of 2004, the "Celebrate Your Church" Vision Team Report was approved by the church and listed in the 2005 Church Directory.  In due time, specific Vision Team proposals would be brought to the church for approval.  Also in August, additional space in Building A was remodeled to expand the Weekday Education Program to add more classes.  Clint Wortham was called as interim Youth Minister.  A new purpose statement was adopted: "Valley View Baptist Church exists to bring people to Jesus Christ and membership in His family, to develop them to Christlike maturity, to equip them for their ministry in the Church and their mission in the world, and to magnify God's name through prayer, praise, and worship."

At the close of 2004, the church shows 529 members.  Sunday School enrollment stood at 233, and average attendance for the year was 120.  The budget receipts were $343,458.

On May 15, 2005, a note burning was held for the retirement of two debts: (1) The holders of the note on the Youth and Family Life Center had forgiven the remaining balance on the note, and (2) the WEP renovation note of the Children's Building.

     In March of 2005, Mark Howard was called as Associate Pastor, Minister of Worship and Students.  Mark was licensed and ordained into the work of the Gospel Ministry on June 26, 2005.

VVBC hired Dixie Store Fixtures for the purpose of the design of a new kitchen and Fellowship Hall to be located in the basement of the sanctuary.  Also, future bids were taken for a new elevator, additional parking space, a new church bus, and new sound & media equipment for the sanctuary.  These improvements were some of the goals set forth by the Vision Team established in 2004.  The Vision Team and responsible committees/teams would ask the church to take action on these matters in an appropriate and timely fashion.

On June 19, 2005, Lisa Smith resigned as Weekday Education Program Director due to health and family reasons.  Effective August 1, 2005, Valley View Baptist Church called Tonya Henson to fill the position of Director of the Weekday Education Program.

On August 7, 2005, the church celebrated its 50th Anniversary, praising God for its grand history of ministry and great vision for the future.  One of the highlights of the event was the presence of the first pastor and his wife: Rev. Gordon and Mary Sue Walker.

On Sunday February 5, 2006 Dr. Peter "Doc" Reoch began serving as interim pastor and Rev. Klint Kallies began serving as interim minister of music and worship. Dr. Reoch continued as interim pastor until August 30, 2009. During Doc Reoch's service as interim, the church developed a strategic vision that prepared the church for God's next pastor. Bro. Klint continued serving until January 31, 2010. Bro. David Duke served in the music and worship leadership role from February 7, 2010 until a permanent music and worship minister would be called.

On September 6th, 2009 Valley View welcomed  Rev. Chad and Lori Hayes and their son Clark as the new pastor by way of unanimous vote of the local body 3 weeks prior. We are excited to begin the latest chapter of service to our Lord through and to this local body.