1.  Trust Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life and follow through with baptism. More About Trusting Jesus as Lord and Savior...

Any person professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and giving evidence of change of heart may be baptized and join the fellowship of the church. At any of our services you will have an opportunity to speak to one of our pastors to profess your faith in Christ. Please feel free to call or email our pastor or one of our staff to discuss trusting Jesus as Lord and Savior. Our Pastor and Staff

2. Transfer your membership from another Southern Baptist  Church. 

Members of other Southern Baptist Churches may be received into fellowship of the church on presentation of letters from their respective churches. 

3. If you have been a member of another Baptist Church but cannot transfer your membership for any reason, you can join with a “statement of faith” in which you tell the pastor you have been saved and baptized by immersion. 

Persons who were once members of Baptist Churches but have no church letter or no way for the letter to be requested, may be received into fellowship by statement of conversion experience, evidence of Christian character and former church relationship. 

4. If you are a member of a non-Baptist church and have not been baptized by immersion, you can join through baptism and your profession your faith in Jesus Christ. 

Candidates from churches of other faiths will be baptized unless such church holds to the baptism defined in Article VII of the Articles of Faith.  The pastor will counsel all persons who are candidates by statement before presenting them to the church for membership. 

Everyone who joins Valley View does so by coming to one of the pastors at the front of the sanctuary during the Invitation/Commitment Hymn at the end of our worship services. If there are reasons you cannot do this, please contact our Pastor for special arrangements to be made.