We provide multiple classes targeted specifically for adults at Valley View. If you are a visitor, you are free to visit these classes and find a class where you will be fed from The Word, find comfortable fellowship, and find similiar life situation with your classmates so you can become a part of the local body of Christ at Valley View.

 Our Men's Class is an integral part of our church here at Valley View. Our men believe in helping/serving the church. When ever a project comes up the Men's Class is the group that wants to meet it head on. They also provide volunteers for our ushers each Sunday. If it is your first visit to Valley View these are the men you will probably meet first! Come join the fellowship and be apart of something with a purpose.

 Valley View has three Ladies classes. They each offer great Bible Study, wonderful fellowships with terrific friends, and plenty of things to do. We know our Women's Classes give the ladies a chance to come away from the "front lines" of Christian life battles and gives them an opportunity to share each others burdens and draw strength from shared experiences. Come join us this Sunday!

 The Sonshiners are a group that consist mostly of people in their retirement years who come together for fellowship and worship. This group has activities at our activity center as well as travels all over the state.  Just a few of the events they went on last year included:

  • A trip to the Zoo
  • A visit to a Flea Market in Jemison along with some nibbling at Peach park in Clanton
  • A trip to Anniston and The Museum of Natural History.

They have an activity on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. Some of these special fellowships have involved a costume contest during their October meeting and a show and tell meeting. If you visit be sure to be ready for some fine food, a great speaker, and maybe a game of Dominoes or Rook. The best thing though is the friendships that arise from being a part of such a special group.

 We have two CoEd classes. These classes are for individuals and couples with the desire to study the bible together and share how it applies to their everyday lives. These classes enjoy regular fellowship activities too.