May, 2021

Principal Function

To provide administrative assistance and clerical support to the church and its staff in the work of the gospel ministry. This includes an active role in the administration and accounting of the stewardship of the church.



1.       Answer the phone and receive visitors to the church office, attempting to address their needs in an efficient but understanding fashion.

2.       Manage the clerical operations of the church office, seeing to the maintenance of all office equipment, ordering office supplies and other ministry materials, and coordinating the work of other administrative support staff.

3.       Design, prepare and mail the church newsletter.

4.       Maintain accurate database records of the church membership (with the help of the Church Clerk) and all pertinent information pertaining thereto, i.e. current address, birthday, etc., as well as all other databases deemed necessary for ministry purposes.

5.       Provide reasonable administrative assistance to the committees and officers of the church.

6.       Assist and support the ministerial staff in the administration of their duties in every reasonable manner. These duties include but are not limited to the following:

a.       Sorting and delivering mail received.

b.      Preparation of personal correspondence or other bulk mailings

c.       Preparation of worship bulletins and other written materials for church services and ministries.

7.       Maintain records of contributions to the church and provide contributors with no less than an annual report of their giving.

8.       Diligently preserve the unity of the church by maintaining the utmost confidentially of all contributions, conversations, and ministry needs of individuals in the church.

9.       Process the weekly disbursement of church funds.

10.   Process the payroll disbursements and all tax-related arrangement pertaining thereto.

11.   Maintain accurate records of Stewardship Committee meetings and other decisions and policies related to the financial affairs of the church.

12.   Prepare the monthly financial statements for availability to the church and quarterly financial statements for presentation at the business meetings.

13.   Coordinate and maintain all financial records for the WEP.

14.   Provide and maintain payroll disbursements for the WEP.

15.   Preform all other duties as assigned by the Pastor and/or the Human Resource Committee.



The classification for the person serving in this position shall be an EXEMPT, PART-TIME EMPLOYEE (32 hours/week), and a member of the SUPPORT STAFF.

Acts Bible Reading Plan


July 13 – Acts 1

July 14 – Acts 2

July 15 – Acts 3

July 16 – Acts 4

July 17 – Acts 5

July 18 – Catch-up on any missed reading

July 19 – Worship with Valley View in-person or remotely

July 20 – Acts 6

July 21 – Acts 7

July 22 – Acts 8

July 23 – Acts 9

July 24 – Acts 10

July 25 – Catch-up on any missed reading

July 26 – Worship with Valley View in-person or remotely

July 27 – Acts 11

July 28 – Acts 12

July 29 – Acts 13

July 30 – Acts 14

July 31 – Acts 15

August 1 – Catch-up on any missed reading

August 2 – Worship with Valley View in-person or remotely

August 3 – Acts 16

August 4 – Acts 17

August 5 – Acts 18

August 6 – Acts 19

August 7 – Acts 20

August 8 – Catch-up on any missed reading

August 9 – Worship with Valley View in-person or remotely

August 10 – Acts 21

August 11 – Acts 22

August 12 – Acts 23

August 13 – Acts 24

August 14 – Acts 25

August 15 – Catch-up on any missed reading

August 16 – Worship with Valley View in-person or remotely

August 17 – Acts 26

August 18 – Acts 27

August 19 – Acts 28


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For Implementation when the State of Alabama allows


Valley View Baptist Church
Phased Reopening Plan

Phase One
Phase One will look very similar to our initial plan when this pandemic started several weeks ago but will contain some additional aspects.

1. We will begin meeting for our 10:30am service.
a. If our numbers exceed the allotted limit set by local, county, state, or federal government, then we will provide a second service at 9:00am.
b. We will limit greetings to verbal and waving and refrain from handshakes and hugging.
c. Bulletins will not be provided initially, as this could be a means of transference.
d. Offering will be collected at the end of the service with offering plates available at each exit for the congregation to deposit their tithes/offerings as they exit the sanctuary.
e. Social distancing practices will continue to be in place. Family units will sit together within our sanctuary but not closer than 6ft to the next family unit.
f. When we dismiss our service, we will do so by sections and from back (foyer) to front (stage), so we can maintain appropriate social distance.
g. Our cleaning staff will give special attention to clean and disinfect our foyer and sanctuary areas especially often touched surfaces before Sundays (and between services should we need additional services).
h. We will suspend observing the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper initially, at least until a safer method can be arranged or the restrictions are eased.
i. Baptisms will also be suspended unless an arrangement is made where the one baptizing and the one being baptized are from the same family unit.
j. Children’s church will be suspended until social distancing practices have been lifted.
k. Video recording of our services will continue for those that do not feel comfortable attending at this point or are still quarantined at home.
l. Video recording will be available online and also through DVD (delivery/publishing date will shift to Monday/Tuesday following service on Sunday)
m. Nursery and childcare will also be suspended during this phase
n. Sunday School and Wednesday night activities will continue to be suspended because we do not have the adequate space to maintain proper social distancing.
o. Videos for Wednesday night Adult Bible Study will be provided

2. We will continue to maintain a “wait and see approach” when considering upcoming events and their viability.
a. Events that have already passed their scheduled date will continue to be assessed as to their need to be rescheduled and potential dates for reschedule according to current information available
b. Events that have yet to occur will be assessed as the dates approach and be rescheduled based upon the feasibility and current information available.

Phase Two
Phase Two will consist of assessing Phase One priorities comparable to recommendations from local, county, state, and federal decision makers and making adjustments.

1. We will continue our 10:30am service
a. As regulations begin to rescind, we can begin to make adjustments to our services that bring them more in line with our “typical” services and activities.

2. Sunday School and Wednesday Night adult Bible study will resume as long as proper measures can be insured for everyone’s safety.
a. Larger classes may need to move to other spaces with more capacity in order to provide adequate space.
b. The entire fellowship hall may need to be opened in order to provide the adequate space needed for Adult Wednesday Night Bible study.
c. Children’s and youth Wednesday activities will continue to be suspended

3. Calendared events will continue to be monitored and assessed to determine if we can continue to implementation or if the event needs to be postponed or cancelled.
a. New events will have to take into consideration the current status of our culture and regulations in place before being scheduled

Phase Three
Phase Three is a return to as close to our “regular” activities as possible.

1. Our 10:30am service will continue with little or no accommodations made for Corona Virus measures.
a. Anything not already returned to “normal” during Phase 2 will return in Phase 3.
2. Sunday School and all Wednesday night activities will return to “normal”
3. All rescheduled and newly scheduled events will proceed as planned


On March 7th Valley View was pleased that God's Providence led us to call Dr. Galen Jones as interim pastor. He also serves as an assistant professor at Samford University. You can learn more about Galen at his profile there: